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Unit 3.1. Job interview

By Jocelin Torres
Best regard
This is my aport. 
A) Objetives: 
  • Use vocabulary and expressions to talk about previous working experience.
  • Use get with different meaning and in colloquial experssions 
  • Use gerunds after prepositions 
B) Short reading about  the topic 
Daniel is a man who is looking for a job, he reads an ad what did say the hours were flexible and this interested to Daniel.
He goes to an interview job where knows to Mr Nuthall who ask him why is interested in work outdoors. 
Mr Nuthall ask to Daniel if he have any experience in landscaping and Daniel said him, he sometimes mowings lawns and weeding people´s gardens at weekends, Mr Nuthall tells more information about of job, like, for this job we need fit people because the job is hard and the working hours are flexible but he must work at least 30 hours for week after signing on with they. after talking some more things they say good bye. 
C) Definition and short Descriptios 
This is one of the few rules in English with no exceptions: 
after a prepositions, if we use a verb it is always a gerund. It is imposible to use an infinitive or any other verb form after prepositions. 
  • You´re interested in working for us 
  • I make for extra money by mowing lawns 
  • How about going to the movies tonight?
  • You should eat before going to school 

D) Practice with at least 5 excercises:


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