jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Unit 2.1 Going on a trip

By Zulay osorio
First part of the work

Topic: Going on a trip


This subject will be of great importance for all my training, since I will be able to know how to describe my different daily life activities.
 It will help me to tell the different leisure activities that I have liked to do, such as playing guitar and practicing skating for a long time, I will also learn how to tell about short trips and some events I have had with friends, The family and study, the truth will be very enriching for my training.

Definition: This topic is very essential to know and do a good depth in it since we are in constant communication of other people, which we must know how we interact with samples of activities that we have done through this language that is very necessary and important To learn it for our work as well as personal performance, so in this way we also know that with this theme we are going to distinguish and use past forms of regular / irregular verbs in an affirmative form.

Practice. 1

Practice. 2
Practice. 3
Practice. 4
Practice. 5

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