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Unit 3.3. At the restaurant

By Piedad Romo Sanabria

My topic is: Unit 3.3. At the restaurant
This is my activity

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a. Objectives

Use superlatives to discuss options
Use expressions with go to indicate destination and activities
Use vocabulary related to eating at ordering food at a restaurant

This theme has as its object the appropriation of the grammar, pronunciation and relation of the implements that compose a restaurant with the association of superlatives or comparative that compose the prayers within the dialogues.

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b. Short Reading about the topic.

The main topic is The Cousins ​​Restaurant
Daniel and Marisol are two friends who go to the restaurant to celebrate his new job.
When they enter the place are marveled at the decor and reasonable prices, also has a variety of menus and tables elegant, the waiter is attentive.
The table has: knife, fork, spoon, plate, glasses, pepper, salt, napkins.
We also compare two restaurants: La Carreta restaurant and El Charro restaurant.
The Carreta is more expensive than the Charro, but the food at the Charro is better. However, the service at El Charro is worse than at La Carreta.
More expensive, better, worse are the comparative adjectives.
Now, when we compare these restaurants with a third restaurant, and this restaurant is much better than the others, we use a superlative adjective to describe it: As you can see, the Cousins ​​is much better than the other two restaurants. It's the top choice!
The prices are the least expensive.
Their food is the most delicious.
It has the best service.

These adjectives that indicate that something is the best (or worst) are called superlatives. This is how we form them:

1. Completion in e:

very good

2. Other short adjectives:

Add: est

3. Ending in y:

Cozy          drop the y and add: iest
Longer adjectives simple take the Expensive     the most expensive
Delicious       the most delicious
Inexpensive   the most inexpensive
Reasonable    the most reasonable

Irregular adjectives:

Good                   the best
Bad                     the worst
Far (physical)     the farthest
Far (concepts)    the furthest

c. Definition and short description.

Restaurant Los Primos - Fine Venezuelan Cuisine

It is a new Venezuelan food restaurant.

It has different menus and the food is very rich, the decor of the place is very nice and the prices are very reasonable.

d. Practice with at least 5 exercises. 

Practice. 1

Practice. 2

Practice. 3

Practice. 4

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